Hidráulica Rehins. Our company.

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions, products and services to industries, including: public work machinery, marine & offshore, transport & logistics, construction and plant hire, agricultural machinery, automotive, defence, environmental, services, manufacturing, mining & quarrying, renewable energy... This business has been built through speed and effectiveness under pressure, that´s the reason a lot of industries trust us their breakdown's resolutions.


Rehin's aim is to get the maximum resource productivity of our customers, and provide the fastest and most convenient service available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Rehins's hydraulic technicians are fully trained and skilled and our "on site mobile fleet" operate with a fully equipped, we move to any part of Catalonia to replace any hose assembly on site, in a factory, on a construction site... and deliver high quality hydraulic engineering solution, as well as supply hydraulic components.


Mobile workshops, manned by trained technicians work to meet industries in standards to ensure repairs are carried out with mínimum downtime.


Hidráulica Rehins places at your disposal a wide range of products related to hydraulic ( pipes and hoses, specific fiftings, couplings, pumps, valves, directional control valves, motors, filters... Moreover, if you want, you can come to our shop, located in the same industrial ship, where our technicians will manufacture and arrange hoses.


If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us

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